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Darts Online Championship

Darts Online Championship
Starting from 2011 February 7th.

Championship place: your place with Internet connection

Championship rules:

  1. All participants must register for the championship before the closing date.
  2. Games will be played at your place (home, club, pub, etc.) on a bristle dartboard with regulation steel-tip darts.
  3. Internet connection via Skype or compatible (for video conference) and scoring software from DartPro or Ezchalk are required. (Note: Click on the hyperlinks to download and install the software.)
  4. If opponent requests for a video view of the dartboard - webcam is needed and must be connected.
  5. Straight-in, double-out "501" games will be played for all legs.
  6. Women players are given a handicap of 50 points when they play against men opponents. This is added to the score for the first 3 darts in each leg.
  7. Match format:
    1. In groupings - best of 3 sets, best of 5 legs.
    2. Playoff - best of 5 sets, best of 5 legs.
    3. Last 8 - best of 7 sets, best of 5 legs.
    4. Last 4 - best of 9 sets, best of 5 legs.
    5. Final - best of 11 sets, best of 5 legs.
  8. A player with a lower group number (who stands "higher" in a grouping list") starts the game.
  9. Match winner gets 3 points. Loser gets 1 point.
  10. Group qualifiers are determined by:
    1. Highest aggregate score in the group.
    2. If 2 players in the same group have equal aggregate the winner of the match between these 2 players in grouping games determine the qualifier.
  11. If 3 or more players have the same aggregate then the highest of legs won minus legs lost determine the group qualifier. If there is a tie on leg count players in the tie will have to play a 1 leg sudden death to decide on the qualifier. The order of play for the sudden death is decided by the organizer through a random draw.
  12. If more than 6 people are in group - double KO system will be played in group.
  13. Playing order in groupings (schedule will be provided to each player):
    1. If 2 players: 1 - 2 (first week).
    2. If 3 players: 1 - 3 (first week), 2 - 3 (second week), 1 - 2 (third week).
    3. If 4 players: 1 - 4 (first week)., 2 - 3 (first week), 1 - 3 (second week), 2 - 4 (second week) , 1 - 2 (third week), 3 - 4 (third week)
    4. And so on...
  14. 2 players from each group qualify for the playoff.
  15. All matches are to be played within 7 days of the scheduled date. This allows both players to arrange a mutually acceptable date and time for their match. No score (or zero aggregate point) will be given to both players for matches that are not played within the given time frame.
  16. Only match winner must send in match results for each won match via ‘Submit Result' in http://darts.emes.lt without any prompting from the organizers.
  17. Match results must arrive at the designated location by Tuesday of the week following the match schedule date. If the result is not submitted by the winner and the loser proves that the match was realy played (the dartpro database file can be sent after all group matches are finished) - both players get 1 point. Late submissions will be acceptable by the match winners (after all group games are finished) - then winner gets 2 points and loser 1 point. If no submission is received - both players get 0 point. Games that has no results will be listed separately.
  18. Results, standings, tables and other information will be published in http://darts.emes.lt. Participants are advised to check this website regularly for updates and new postings.
  19. Participants are deemed to have been duly informed by the organizers once the information is published on the organizer's website at http://darts.emes.lt.
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