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Latvia open 2011 rezults

Hello darts player:)

    November 12 in Riga, was "Latvia Open",Legions attended the tournament. On Saturday, the individual tournament gathered 44 women and 170 men. Participants came from: Norway, England, Netherlands, Russia, Scotland, Wales, Turkey, Denmark, Estonia, Belgium, Germany, Sweden, Belarus, Finland, Latvia and Lithuania. I would like to exclude players such as: Robbie Green - England (4), Gary Robson - England (5), Willy van der Wiel - Holland (10), Paul Jennings - England (12), Darryl Fittin - England, Steve Douglas - England Clive Bardenas - England, Dave Prins - England, Alan Norris - England, Joye there Berg - Holand, Anastasia Dobromyslova - Russia. Never seen so many stars and darts player in one place, Baltic countries organized competitions :)

     Well, now short of legionnaire's achievements:

First round:

Vilma Armalienė 4:3 defeated Heidi Berdal-Norway
Together with legionnaires went Irina Achrem and in first round she went without a figth.
Arvydas Dzimidavičius the first round has passed without any problems, it is without a fight :)
Rimas Želvys 4:0 defeated Kenneth Bråteng-Norway
Erikas Mačiūnas had no opponent in first round :)
Mindaugas Skarbalius 4:0 defeated Dmitrijs Blatovs-Latvia
Unlucky was Gintariui Armaliui, that lost in first round 0:4 to Kjell Michael Vaabeno-Norway. Gintaris took 129 place.

Second round:

Vilma Armalienė 4:1 defeated Ligita Vilks-Latvia
Irina Achrem 4:2 defeated Helen Beurskens-Scotland
Arvydas Dzimidavičius 1:4 lost to Gary Robson-England, who is in 5th place of world raiting. Arvydas takes 65 place.
Rimas Želvys 1:4 also lost to Steve Douglas-England, witch is alsou very good player of the world. Rimas takes 65 place.
Erikas Mačiūnas 4:3 very hard, but wins against Stian Haugskott-Norway, both of them are still not stars in world of darts, but hopes to be  :)
Mindaugas Skarbalius 2:4 lost against Tony Martin-England. Mindaugas took 65 place.

Third round:

Vilma Armalienė 1:4 lost against Lumi Silvan-Finland. Vilma takes 9 place.
Irina Achrem 0:4 also lost Anastasia Dobromyslova-Russia, she is worlds champion. Irina takes 9 place.
Erikas Mačiūnas 0:4 lost against Niels Jørgen Hansen-Denmark. Erikas takes 33 place.

    Perfect competition, the level of participation in competitions is a big plus when training for other championships and no matter where they will take place.
    It was fun to see all you wanted to win so bad.This time no one took the tittle, but this is not last tournaments :


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