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About Us
About Us

„Vilniaus legionas" - youngest darts club in Lithuania. In 2005 March 14 day the first group of associates gathered to play darts in "Brodvėjaus" pub. However, a sports club was officially registered in 15th of September 2005. Club Name „Vilniaus legionas" selected not random: founders of the Club and the players were darters, Congress to live in Vilnius from all around the Lithuania. At that time there havent been players from Vilnius, but now also its minority. To become members of "Vilniaus Legiono' you must be at least in 50% of the club record of competitions organized. At this time, a club of 18 members. Darts Vilniuje annually are increasing. By comparison, in 2005, the club at least once visited the 45 players in 2006 - 47, 2007 - 76. We hope that participants will continue to increase.

Vilnius and guests interested in darts may visit the "Vilniaus legiono' organized competitions:

  • Restaurant "Bravaria" (P.C. "Akropolis", Ozo g. 25, Vilnius) every monday organized classical darts competitions. Registration until 18:30l., competitions starts - 18:30.
  • Bowling center „Smūgis" (PC „BIG", Ukmergės g. 369) organized classical darts competitions. Competition are held every Wednesday. Registration until 19h. Competition starts in 19.00.
      Detailed information about ongoing events, and darts: tel. 8687 86951 (Club President Erikas Mačiūnas), e-mail: erikasdarts@gmail.com
    We are waiting everyone thats want to play!

„Vilniaus legionas" is waiting for assistance to help implement plans for the club and to promote darts. Information to and capable of supporting the club:
Sport club „Vilniaus legionas"
Code: 300145130
Bank: Swedbank, LT69 7300 0100 9468 6819

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